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Began when three friends (Otto, Jerry, and Vincent) who had lost touch with each other because of their very different and busy schedules, decided to try to make time to get together.

They missed being able to meet to talk, encourage, and pray for one another. They soon realized that other men could benefit from the same thing, so they began to attempt to get the Men's Ministries from their perspective churches together (Central City, New Jerusalem, and Greater Light Christian Center). They soon found that denomination and race played a large part in preventing the joint fellowship.

They did not let this stop them, and they continued to reach out to their Men's Ministries and others in Northern Nevada. They chose to look beyond race, denominiation, and any other barriers that the enemy may try to use to keep men seperated. 

Instead, they focused on the one thing we have in common; the pursuit of a relationship with Jesus! Since this time, CMA has grown into a ministry with a focus on fellowship, worship, and the Word, and building men and their relationship with God.

Today, Christian Men's Alliance has truly began to affect the region we love - Northern Nevada. With dozens of men meeting monthly for fellowship, prayer, worship and the Word, we have seen denominational and racial walls crumble. We will continue to fight the good fight of faith, and see this region transformed for the glory of God! 

Will you join us in this great adventure? We need mighty men of God just like you! 

Men of Valor
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